Sasural Simar Ka 2 is is the most entertaining television serial so far. It is the one of major tv serials which is getting huge attention among the audience. The show has an amazing response from the viewers and there is no one who can neglect the popularity of the serial. So let begin to know about the upcoming incident in the latest episode which will entertain you beyond your expectations.

sasural simar ka 2 23rd september 2021

In the latest episode, you will know about Simar when she is thinking about Aarav. She started supporting her and bring Reema Di back into the home. She support her when everyone was against her in the house. Simar tells her that if you are upset with me then I want to tell you that I have done this all just because of Reema and Devar Ji.

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I wanted to make them closer like before. She takes off his watch and keeps it on the side table. Even she help him to sleep well and put his hands on his chest.

While on the other side, Chitra tells Giriraj that she saw him when he was cried and Badi Maa was there. She tells him that when he was cried Badi Maa got emotional and forgave him for the mistake that he did. Chitra telling Raj and asks him to tell that she is very upset with him.

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Devesh is not replying to her messages and calls. If this will continue then it will not good for him. She has to know that how to take revenge.

Roma wakes up and looking for Lalit, He is not on the bed and not even in the room. She starts finding him. She starts calling Lalit and asks if she starts making food or not. She goes inside the bathroom and he is not even there.

She is getting curious to know that where he did he go? Suddenly a few moments later when she sitting on the bed again she finds a letter on the side table. He wrote in the letter that he is leaving this house and not come back until he stands on his feet.


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