The episode starts with Simar comes to Reema’s room to talk. She knocks on the door and goes inside. Simar brings clothes for her, but Reema throws the clothes and refuses to wear them. Simar says that you are Badi bahu of the Oswal family so you need to wear it. I am Choti bahu and got clothes for Badi bahu. Reema makes fun of her if she is the bahu of the Oswal family. Simar says these are not old clothes.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd July 2021

Reema says that I know that you cheated on Aarav but he brought you back. She says that I also know that Aarav asked you to divorce him too. Simar recalls and tells that the countdown has been started for your fake marriage, soon you will be out of this house and Aarav’s life. I will be the only bahu in Oswal’s family.

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She asks her to drop her ideas of becoming bahu and says that I am real bahu and you are guest of a few days. Simar says that I am your sister too and you forgot that. Reema says you forgot everything for your convinience. Simar asks what do you mean? Reema closes the door and says that you didn’t remember that I told you clearly that I will get back in 2 hours and you forgot that.

I told you that I’ll be back surely and Aarav is mine and nobody can take him from me. Simar agreed with her and says that you did this by keeping the knife in your hand and threatened me. Reema said that I know who kept a knife on your neck to marry you. You should have waited for an hour and asks what would have changed. Simar said that I have worn it because I was helpless and you left me with no option.

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I respect my family and you as well. Reena says that you should not get hurt when leaving the family and says that this is my house and family. I have earned the surname of this house and I need to win Aarav. Simar is shocked to ask him if you are saying as you are Devar Ji’s wife.

Reema says that I  have learnt a lesson of betraying him and now you playing with his feelings. I will shatter the Oswal’s Mansion and will. not sir peacefully. I will take revenge on each person who humiliated me and this is my promise. Reema and her not to show her face again otherwise I’ll snatch that. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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