The famous TV serial Sasural Simar Ka 2 is here with amazing incidents. No doubt the show has many followers across the nation. Here we have limitless fun and surprising events of the upcoming episode. According to the written update, Reema was suddenly shocked after listening to a sound of an opening door. A few minutes later, she saw someone is here and opening the door. After this, she calls Vivaan but he is not there. She tries to call him via intercom but the call is still not connected.

Sasural Simar Ka 2, 21st July 2021

In the upcoming episode, Vivaan will get marry to Simar. He falls in love with her and confesses that he wants to spend his whole life with her. But unfortunately, Badi Maa is not happy with this marriage and due to this reason, they start agreeing on her. Vivaan trying to convince Badi Maa of this marriage.

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He mentioned that he respects Badi Maa and that’s why he did not take any step without her permission. As a result, Vivaan facing trouble and trying committing suicide. He starts putting kerosene oil on himself and takes a matchstick to burn himself.

All the family members trying to convince him that committing suicide is not an option and they will try to agree on Badi Maa for this marriage. Possibly Badi Maa will agree and everything will be fine one day. Now it will be interesting to watch how Vivaan and Simar get married in this difficult situation. However, things get better as expected by us.

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After seeing all these situations Reema starts crying and seeing Reema in this sad situation Vivaan again gets emotional. The whole situation broke Vivaan and force him to revoke this marriage. Badi Maa recalls Vivaan’s harsh words for her and is shocked and shattered.

She gets teary eyes and sits on her chair. Now Vivaan is suffering from a terrible situation where he can’t do anything and hangs between love and family respect. The episode will be telecast on Colors Tv today, so you can enjoy this episode at the telecast timing. To know more written updates of this series you can bookmark this website.


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