Sasural simar ka 2 is going thrilling, This show is very entertaining, In the upcoming show you will see, Sandhya is saying that Gagan came to woo Aditi. She says don’t know what have done with my daughter if he had not gone from here. Aditi says that was the past and you are mixing two different things. Badi Maa says you are getting mad in this man’s talk, and I will not leave this guy this time.

sasural simar ka 2

Reema says hear him once, Badi Maa Asks Reema to be Silent and asks the guard to beat him. Then Vivan comes there and stops the guards. Another side, Aarav is at some secluded place, He thinks to stitch the Mangalsutra Pearls with his hand, and he says this is my simar’s Manalsutra. Devesh comes there and insists on him for a drink. Then Chitra and Mohit come there and look at them. Devesh Makes him drink.

Vivan pushes the guards and makes Gagan get up. Reema says Gagan hasn’t done anything, I tell you everything. Vivan says nothing will happen to Gagan. Vivan says, so what if Bhabhi, Bhabhi is not here. But their teaching is here with me.  Vivan says if Aditi will not give permission for coming here, So he doesn’t come here.

Badi says you are talking Like Aarav and defending Your Sasural people. Vivan says I am supporting the truth and thinking about your values. Vivan Talk about his mother, That he misses her, cries silently for her. Then Badi Maa says to Gagan If I will see you again here, Neither anyone’s Clarification or request will work. Reema pushes him and asks him to leave.

Simar gets ready to go. Samar says I know where are you going. Samar says that he will take her there. He says doesn’t want her to go there secretly, he says this matter is three of US. Then they leave. Aarav tells Devesh that the story was of Simar and me, And he tells Simar’s Roka has done.

He thinks of Yamini Devi. Giriraj Calls Chitra and says the way is clear. Mohit Calls the goons and asks them to do as he said. Badi Maa tells that the Bahus are spoiling, first Simar, Chitra, and now Sandhya.

She scolds Sandhya for going to Narayan’s house, One day prior to her wedding. She Asks If Gagan had Agreed then would you have Let Aditi Elope with him. Sandhya says I have forgotten Bahus and wife’s duties in the love of a daughter. Gagan is going, some people beat him.

Then he faints. Giriraj comes there and looks at Gagan. The goons call Mohit Says work is done. Samar brings Simar to Oswal Mansion. Simar says this is needed to end. The show is Going to be very interesting, Dont forget to watch the serial.


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