The tv serial Sasural Simar Ka 2 is famous around the nation. There are many people who regularly watch the serial and you will get all the details about the upcoming episode. Yes, this is the most interesting part and you will see such marvelous twists in the upcoming episodes. There are many details that will come in the upcoming episode. So let begin the written update which is important to be disclosed here with all the upcoming events. We going to tell you about the upcoming episode.

Sasural Simar Ka 2, 20th October 2021 episode


The upcoming episode will start with Reema when she is telling Simar that behave like this and it was planned when she behaves innocent act. Now her truth is out and says like you. She also tells you your marriage is also fake and today it has ended. Simar asks Reema that is she feels bad when she said all these to her sister. While on the other side Reema replied to her and tells that how a sister can break her sister’s house when the sister is like this who doesn’t care about anybody and just help her younger sister in every situation. Both get emotional after the scene.

After the scene, you will see Simar goes to her room and start crying. Suddenly Gajendra comes into the room and tells that what is happening with you. He asks why are you crying so much. Simar tells him that something went wrong in his eyes and it is painful right now. He tells that I can wipe your tears and give you a tissue but I can’t do anything else. Especially in this one month, I cant help you. As I know you did many things for this house and your sacrifices are never forgettable. There are many things going to happen in this serial and you will enjoy the story.

Simar recalls all the things and especially the statement of Reema when Reema said lots of things. There are many things going to happen in this story and you will see that there are many twists. Aarav sees standing, she talks to his photo and says you are seen to me. She tells him that she needs his support. Aarav comes to the place sits on the bed. Simar says, Aarav Ji I wish we will stay together like this but now it is not possible. for further information watch the full episode of tv.


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