Sasural Simar Ka 2 is one of the most popular tv reality shows and it continues gaining popularity among audiences. There are several things that are going to happen with Simar in the house and recently Simar and Aarav did a reverse round of the fire to break the marriage.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2, 1st November 2021

The couple was very sad and even all the housemates were at the same time. Here are the complete details about the upcoming episode of the serial and you will see some exciting scenes which will make you crazy.

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In the upcoming episode, you will see that the episode will start with Aarav when is telling Simar about all his dreams, feelings and hopes as well. He says that you took my soul and I am not Aarav because the actual Aarav has been lost when he met with you.

He starts to imagine that Simar coming to him and asking why did he do this and asks him to wash his hands and freshen up. Aarav tells her that how much he loves her. He tells her that he can’t live without her.

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His eyes are full of love and he calls her name again and again. Aarav calls her you to touch her. Simar says now it is almost impossible and we will not meet again. There are many barriers among us.

Simar says, please Aarav now it is not possible and you have to face the next face of life and you have to walk on the path of life. While on the other side, Badi Maa is happy because Simar leaves the house and is out of Aarav’s life. You going to see many things in the upcoming days and you will enjoy the story as well.

Aarav again makes a call to Simar and tells everything that he is feeling for her. Simar trying to control his emotions and make him calm. But he continuously cries and asks her to come into the house again and he tells them that he can’t lie without her. Chitra is happy to see both of them separated.

Simar cur the call and say ok bye and now it is impossible to meet again. Take care of yourself. She also tells him that please don’t try to call me again because I will not pick up the call again. You can watch the episode colors tv and voot also. Stay tuned.


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