Already, the television show telecasted some best and amazing episodes. Now, Sasural Simar Ka 2 will be coming with another enthralling episode to entertain all the admirers. The TRP of the show always touches the peak as millions of users regularly watching the exceptional episodes of the show. As all of us know that the story of the show always going on with lots of crispy turns and emerging twists. Now, the forthcoming episode also enhancing the craze among the fans to watch the brilliant episode. From the beginning of the show, the engagement level of the viewers to watch the show is very high and the makers very well maintained the streak.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

The upcoming episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 will begin with Badi Maa who is frustrated and angry as well. While she is appearing shouting and irritating for small things. She used to say that how can that Narayan family betray us. Roma takes my grandson with him, Reema postpones her wedding, and Simar secretly married Aarav. All these reasons are behind the frustration and anger of Badi Maa. Not only this but also her ego is hurt because all of these things happened in her life. After that, Gajender tells her that they have to change all the things at any cost.

He further says that Vivaan and Aarav can’t understand what they will be going to tell them because they have come from foreign with different and updated mindsets. At the same time, Reema has been thrown out of the house by her father, and just because of this, she used to release her all frustration on Simar. She says to Simar that she is the only one who ruins her life and she taunts her that now her life is destroyed and Simar is happy now. She is about to slap him but Simar holds her hand and Reema says how dare you to hold my hand.

She further says that she knows very well that you are secretly in love with Aarav and it is the only reason that makes all the things wrong in her life. The story of the show that going on in the television show is actually very amazing and interesting. The fans who eagerly waiting to watch the upcoming episode of the show is very high and the excitement level among the audience also touches the peak. Sasural Simar Ka 2 airing on Colors TV at 06:30 PM and millions of people all over the country are keen to watch the ensuing episode.


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