The all-time favorite tv serial is going very exciting and you will see there are many going to happen in this upcoming episode. As per the details, this fresh episode will start with Chitra when she asking Giriraj About Rana’s son. Giriraj tells her that be careful and think once before saying anything because walls have ears and there will be anyone who can listen to our talk. He tells her that they have to meet hands with the Rana Ji teams. Chitra tells that possibly they have planned something big and we have to be careful about it.

Sasural Simar Ka 2, 20th October 2021 episode

She asks Simar if she knows, She asks what is happening at the toll Checkpost. She asks who is going there. Suddenly they hear Badi Maa when she calls Aarav. Badi Maa asks where is Aarav. Chitra calls Shobha and asks her that shift here to get some fun. Shobha asks her what is happening because you suddenly ask me to shift. Shobha asks her that can I shift tomorrow. Chitra says ok.

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Shobha asks her that when did you come here? Suddenly a few moments later Lalit tells her that Roma told me everything. Roma and Lalit argued and you will see that Badi Maa come there and listen to everything.

Badi Maa came to the place and asks her that if Arav still not reached the toll Checkpost then call him and tell him to come back. Aarav says I will have food and leave in few moments. You also going to watch that Badi Maa is planning something huge which will change the current situation and you will see that just a few days after Simar going to leave the house. Along with simar Sandhya also planning to leave the house.

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Aarav asks to pass him pulao, dal and roti. While on the other side Badi Maa and Ganjender finished their dinner. Suddenly Gajender asks Badi Maa to come and asks to come to the place because he wanted to talk with her about something serious. Simar asks Aarav have they completed his dinner or not.

Do you still have hunger? Aarav asks her that get up from this table because possibly I will never have the opportunity to talk to you again, never meet you again and I eagerly wanted to spend time with you before you leave me. You can watch the serial on Colors tv as well as on Voot also. Stay with us to know more.


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