Sasural Simar Ka 2 is getting huge Trp every week and no doubt this serial is in the top position among the top-notch entertaining episodes. The upcoming episode is going to be telecast today on the television. In this episode, you will see Aarav is telling her that there was a time when she came to him and said that she loves her so much. Let’s know the complete spoiler of this upcoming episode.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2, 18th September 2021 Episode

Aarav tells Vivaan that he wanted to tell all these things many times but no one has ready to listen to him. After knowing all the things Vivaan gets angry and asks Aarav that what is the actual truth. She may love him or may not be in love only this is seen. Vivaan says the now he is facing extreme trouble and pain because of the attachment with Reema. He tells Aarav and Simar that they wanted to clear all the attachments.

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Vivaan reveals that he never know such things and even no one tells him all these things. After knowing all the things he is getting shocked. Simar tells him that now Vivaan should take revenge on her. Simar tells that she is going to asks Reema that why she did this to him. Vivaan stops her and tells that you will not tell a single word to Reema. He says I will handle it on my own.

Simar tells Vivaan that now Reema has changed herself very much and she is not like before. Love changed her drastically and she is different from before. After listening to these words Vivaan gets depressed and falls on the floor.

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Vivaan tells them that he feels broken internally and now nothing remains in his life. He just wants to live alone now. After seeing the younger brother Aarav getting depressed and tell him that control yourself. It is not the right way to react to this situation. While on the other side, Devesh asks Reema to pose as he is taking his indecent picture, she tries to provoke him and tell him to untie her.


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