Another television serial is getting new hype among the audience. The television serial Sasural Simar Ka 2 is ready to bring new thrills to the story and no doubt you will enjoy the suspense. Currently, in this upcoming episode, you will see amazing twists in the life of Simar. the situation becomes interesting when Gagan starts thanking Reema and support her. So let’s begin to get more about this August 18, 2021 episode where we will see outstanding changes in the story and our lovely audience will enjoy the serial.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th August 2021

In this episode, Gagan will thank Reema for helping him. Reema says that she will always be available for him and he can ask her about any kind of problem. She wishes him Happy Rakhi also. Reema says that she can’t meet him today due to some problems. Gagan tells her that he is always with her and Simar. However, they never tied Rakhi but the bond is so strong.

She asks him to leave the place and Aarav and Simar are both in the car. During the situation, Simar hoping that may Gagan not do anything wrong. She starts getting worried about him and asks to follow him and stops doing something wrong. Gagan tells Ganjendra tells if there happens something wrong then what will they do. He says that they should reach soon and Badi maa asks them to hurry up.

Now you will see all the family member gets tensed both of them. Even Badi maa asks everyone that what is the situation right now and where are both. Gagan tells that he is trying to reach out but is unable again and again.

After the moments both back to home and all the family asks them where they went and how can they do this mistake. During the time, Aditi Runs To The Bathroom To Change Her Clothes. Simar Runs Behind Her And Asks How Can You Do This Mistake, she got angry with Aditi and tells her not to do this mistake again.


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