Sasural Simar Ka 2 is one of the most interesting serials which is getting such marvelous attention among the viewers. The twist in this serial is continuously making the buzz and audience enjoy these scenes. There are many things which will be so much interesting and you will definitely enjoy them. If you are looking for the most interesting episode then you shul watch this latest episode on Colors tv. So let begin with the article which is available here.

sasural simar ka 2 15th november 2021

The upcoming episode will start with Aarav telling Simar that he wants to put earrings in her ear with his hands. He asks her to wait for him and he will come. Simar just getting fall down but suddenly Aarav comes and holds her. He tells her that even destiny wants that you should wait for tomorrow. A song plays in the background. Badi Maa asks Chitra if she did not feel ashamed to make the hole in the plate.

Badi Maa calls Chitra and tells in front of everyone that the Oswal family’s Bahu Chitra has shook the hands with our Enemies. Chitra denies and says I did not make any call. Badi Maa shows the call record and says here is the phone record in which you are talking with our enemy Rana. You did all this to put Aarav’s life in danger.

She says to Badi Maa that your own son was attacked by them two times and you were just silent at that time. It was your mistake and you have to correct it. Your son is in the danger only because of you. Badi Maa tells her that how you can say all these things. She says I can do anything which can put the life of my family member in danger. I always protect my family.

There are many things which going to increase the suspense in the story and definitely, you will enjoy the serial as well. There is a huge possibility that upcoming episodes become the most entertaining episodes of Sasural Simar Ka 2.

If you want to watch teh episode then you watch it on Colors tv. But if you want to watch it when you are on travel and anywhere else then you can watch it on Voot also. Voot is an Ott platform where you can watch episodes.


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