once again there is a marvelous television serial that has outstanding twits and suspense in the story that comes here among all of us. Everybody people waiting to watch the show in which they enjoy marvelous content with amazing entertainment. the episode will be telecast on Colors Tv which is the most interesting episode of this week. So stay available in this article to know all the details about this upcoming episode.

Sasural Simar Ka 2, 14th October 2021 Episode

The upcoming episode will start with Badi Maa when she is telling Sandhya that her one slap costs 12 crores rupees. Suddenly Gajender comes to the place and says I enquired all the details about the guy. He is not a good person and I did not care that what Sandhya has done. Suddenly she says Gajender have you changed sides and why are you behaving like your wife who is ready to leave you and your family.

Barrister Babu, Latest Episode 14th October 2021 Full Written Update, Trilochan Gets Worried

Simar is getting so depressed and thinking about what she can do now to save her family. She recalls her promise made to Aarav. Simar is thinking about Sandhya and suddenly she shouts in anger and says Maa will not leave this house. She will stay with us in this house. I will never let her go. Badi Maa sees her and stops her shouting. Sandhya tells that everyone can make mistakes and she is also a human.

Badi Maa says that every family is the pillar behind this empire and we all made this empire with our hard work and smartness. She says everyone knows that you set up this empire and you could have done. Sandhya takes care of everyone and she has made tiffins for all the people who go to the company and increase this empire.

everyone gets emotional and agrees with every word by Badi Maa. She says that she is not just talking about Sandhya Maa and encourages her but even she is telling about every housewife of this family who put her soul to take care of every family member with the bottom of their heart.


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