There is another episode of the most entertaining serial. This time we going to deliver the twists and turns filled daily soap which you will enjoy beyond your expectations. Yes, we are talking about Sasural Simar Ka 2 which is getting massive TRP for few months. In this episode, you will know about Simar when she tells Sandhya about getting Job at Radio Station.

Sasural Simar Ka 2, 13th September 2021 Episode

She tells her that she will start recording in few days. Sandhya immediately says its a great news and you are telling me this great news with this sad face. Sandhya hugs her and praying god to give her more blessings.

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Later, Simar asks Sandhya that if she tells about it anyone else. Sandhya has worn her and tells her that if she does this then Bai Maa will send her out of the house before 12 days is completed and even she will be angry with Aarav too. Simar says I want to tell everyone.

Sandhya tells her that it is her choice and she going to invite problems into her life. Simar Promises Her. She Says I Got This Ganda Due To Aarav Ji. Aarav Comes There And Asks Did You Remember The Promise Made To Me.

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Vivaan says I am going to bring Reema. Chitra pretends to Fall. Vivaan sees her falling down he immediately comes and protects her. He asks her what happened last night. Giriraj says Maa called us to her room and scolded and insulted us. Giriraj and Chitra getting very upset after the scene and they start feeling that we reached our Home. In front of all family members, Chitra fell unconsciously and fell down on the floor.

Everyone starts asking that why she suddenly fainted out. She tells that when I took coffee for you and walking then I was unable to walk properly. I just feeling very low. Badi Maa’s Anger Will Be On Us Too. She Asks Giriraj To Take Her From There. While on the other side, Aarav tells Simar and suggests some important things. Aarav tells her that Simar has to focus on the music instead of sharing it with anyone.


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