One of the most anticipated and dramatic daily soup back with another enthralling and mind-blowing episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2. The upcoming episode of the show will be very thrilling in which a crispy turn takes place and make everyone mad to watch it.

Sasural Simar Ka 12th August 2021

As all of us know that the fan following of the show already touches the peak and bringing heat among the social media platforms. The story of the ensuing episode begins with Simar and Aarav. As we saw in the last episode that Simar, Aarav, and Aditi went in the car to roam.

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Now, the upcoming episode shows that Aarav and Simar go to buy ice creams and when then both come back to the car. They are both stunned after seeing that Aditi is not there. Simar gets tensed and Aarav tries to call her.

But Aditi’s phone is in the back seat of the car. When Aarav opens the gate of the car to get Aditi’s phone then he says a note in the front seat. He opens the front door and gets the note. After he read the note, he gets stunned and the note falls from his hand.

Tejo picks the paper and reads the note, she will also be shocked. The first scene cuts here. In the next scene, viewers will see that the entire Oswal family is available in the hall of the house. Aarav and Simar standing together in tension. The note that Aarav gets from the car now is in Geetanjali Devi’s hand.

She reads the note and everyone is shocked after hearing this. In the note, Aditi wrote that she wants to be happy in her life and Geetanjali Devi made the entire house a jail because of discipline. That’s why she wants to live her life in her own way with Gagan.

In the next scene, Aditi is sitting in the car with Gagan and she asks Gagan that he is sure they will do this. Gagan says that for him, nothing is more important than Aditi. After that, Geetanjali Devi recalls the scene, when Aditi kept Gagan’s hand to invite him into the house to have some tea.

Now, the episode that will be going to air tonight on 12th August 2021 will be actually exciting. We are eagerly waiting to watch the brilliant story of the show. Sasural Simar Ka 2 will be airing on Colors TV at 6:30 PM. So, just stay connected with the channel to watch the complete episode of the show.


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