The Sasural simar ka 2 is one of the fabulous tv serials which is getting amazing twists in the story. There are many things which going to make you crazy in the upcoming days. Definitely, you will enjoy the upcoming episode which is filled with lots of suspense in the story. Simar has done an audition and got selected for a music album. Now you will see that she will become the singer and then Badi Maa will amazed to see her getting popular around the city.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2 12h November 2021

In the recent episode, we have seen that Simar recalls Aarav’s talks and saying I will do anything to live with you again, you are my life. Then suddenly after a moment doorbell rings and Aarav is standing at the entrance.

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Simar gets surprised to see her. She gets stammered and says you are here. Just moments when Simar and Aarav see in each other’s eyes Badi Maa comes from behind and tells I think Narayan family members forget all the manners. Now in the upcoming episode, we will see new scenes.

In the latest episode, you will see that episode will start with Aarav when he is telling Samar on call that Simar needs to do this music album and she has all the capabilities to do well in this music album. Even she will do her best that we have a need in this music album.

Suddenly simar comes there and says Aarav here is the tea and please drink it before it gets cold. While on the other side Badi Maa says tea is very hot and I will save you from every problem. Aarav gets angry at Badi Maa and comes outdoor without drinking tea and sits in the car.

Later Yamini talks to Aarav and tells him that love is not easy. She tells Aarav and says one of you has to cross this pond of fire. Suddenly doorbell rings and Aarav gets excited asks Simar Come? Yamini sees him and smiles. Aarav opens the door and Simar will be there at the door.

He is getting happy so much. Yamini Devi says your marvelous melodies stole my heart but you did not tell me about the topic of your song. Simar sitting on Sofa holding a guitar in her hands. She starts singing. If you want to watch the episode then you can watch it on Colors Tv and Voot also.


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