The most entertaining and twist-filled serial Sasural Simar is going very interesting day by day. Definitely, you will love it beyond your expectations. There are many twists and suspense-filled scenes that are the heartbeat of its fans around the country. Here is the latest episode which is ready to make the buzz again and you will love the episode beyond your expectations. So let begin the written update of this serial which will go very interesting.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2, 11th November 2021

In the recent episode, we have seen that there were many twists in the episode and have definitely enjoyed it a lot. In the upcoming episode, you will see that the episode will start with Badi Maa who asks Aarav about what does he wants. She asks him that tell me what you want that I go to Narayan’s daughter and beg and plead in front of her to withdraw her case.


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Suddenly Reema went somewhere and she stopped. She listens to all the things and says No Badi Maa. You can’t do this. Definitely, you will enjoy the episode beyond your expectations. There are massive things waiting for you in this episode.

Simar says we can bear anything for love and definitely I will do anything for you Aarav. Suddenly someone rings the doorbell. She opens the door and sees Aarav standing there and the cute smile on his face making simar happy. They look at each other and fall in love again. Reema and Badi Maa come there and when they look at each other’s eyes. Badi Maa comes there but Simar forgets to touch the feet of Badi Maa.

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She says I think the Narayan family’s member forgets the manners that how to respect elders. There are many things that will come in the upcoming episode. So you have to watch this upcoming episode on your screen and enjoy the brilliant level of entertainment and definitely there is a massive level of entertainment waiting for you.

There are extremely well twists waiting for you. If you want to watch the latest episode then you can watch it on the regular channel which is Colors Tv. Even you can watch it on Voot also which is another platform where you can watch the serial online.


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