As we know the show is very popular among people, Show has great TRP on the television. Here we are sharing the promo videos as written updates. The episode starts with Simar telling Reema that right now no one likes her but soon they will forgive her. she says she loves the family. Reema says Siamr always makes mistakes and after that tries to win everyone’s heart by talking sweetly.

sasural simar ka 2 14th jan 2022

But this time your sweetness will not work, we all are aware of your real face. She then calls her selfish because she married Aarav and did not think of her family. She says that whatever she did for her love and if she feels that it is her selfish as she wants love and forgiveness from her family.

Geetanjali gets angry and asks Aarav and simar to leave. When they are about to out suddenly Vivan stops them, says if Arav tries to leave will leave the house he will go with them. Reema and Chitra are shocked after hearing this. Reema reminds him that he has taken the responsibility of this house only today and he should complete his responsibility.

He says he has to do this for his family. Geetanjali understands that he has taken responsibility so that Vivan can help Aarav and Simar. Geetanjali asks how he can help strangers, Vivan says they are not strangers but members of this family. Geetanjali says that Vivan is taking advantage of her promise but she says will not accept Simar and Arav as family members.

Aditi says that no one can understand Simar and Aarav but Aditi knows how much they love this family. Sandhya asks her to keep quiet. While Aditi goes to Aarav and Siamr holds their hands. Vivan tells Simar and Aarav that Geetanjali has promised him that any interference will not be in his personal matters.

Simar advises Aarav that they should do as Vivaan is saying, then we can get their family back. Geetanjali says Simar has no shame nobody likes her here, still, she wants to stay in this house. Vivan asks Simar and Aarav asks her to ignore her talk and move in with him. Geetanjali leaves from there.

Simar explains to Aarav that they have to deal with their anger to convince their loved ones. Aarav agrees with her point and he says he also tries to win his family’s trust and heart. Episodes end. According to this show is getting more interesting, Let’s if they will be successful to win the heart of the entire family.


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