The world has filled with hundreds of leagues and on the daily basis, the league has been introducing back-to-back matches in the stadium and fans are showing their love towards the game. Well, among the hundreds of leagues, Korean League is also one of the fantastic and amazing football league in the world that has been introducing many matches. Today, the league has come back with an interesting match where the team Suwon Bluewings (SSB) and team Incheon United (INC) are ready to show you an interesting match. The fans are excited about the upcoming match and it will be started in just a few hours.

SSB vs INC Live Score

Now, fans are searching for the important details of the match so, they can watch the match in the stadium and after the long gap due to the matches, the fans want to watch this match on the home ground. Where two teams come in a single stadium to play amazing matches, many fans come there to support them.

So, the match will be held under the Korean League and Suwon World Cup Stadium, Suwon is the venue of the upcoming match. It is exciting to watch that two teams will face off on a single ground and the match will be worth watching. So, let’s wait for a few hours because it will be held today.

SSB vs INC: Match Details

  • Teams:- Suwon Bluewings (SSB) vs Incheon United (INC)
  • Venue:- Suwon World Cup Stadium, Suwon
  • League:- Korean League 2021 or K League 1
  • Date:- Friday, July 23, 2021
  • Time:- 04:00 PM IST

SSB vs INC: Team Squad

Suwon Bluewings (SSB):- Kang Hyun-Muk, Yang Hyung-Mo, Choi Sung-Geun, Han Suk-Jong, T. Antonis, N. Dumitru, Lee Ki-Je, Kim Gun-Hee, Koo Dae-Young, U. Đerić, Kim Tae-Hwan, D. Henry, Choi Jung-Won, Yeom Ki-Hun, Ko Seung-Beom, Kim Min-Woo, Min Sang-Gi, No Dong-Geon, Jang Ho-Ik, Park Dae-Won, You Ju-An, and Jeong Sang-Bin.

Incheon United (INC):- Negueba, Choi Bum-Kyung, Kim Bo-Sub, Jung Hyuk, Kim Hyun, Goo Boon-Cheul, Kim Kwang-Suk, Kim Jun-Bum, G. Ferreira Pinto, Kim Chae-Woon, E. Aguilar, S. Mugoša, Oh Ban-Suk, Kim Do-Hyeok, H. Delbridge, Lee Tae-Hui, Song Si-Woo,Kim Dae-Jung, Kim Dong-Heon, Lee Kang-Hyeon, Kang Yun-Koo, Ji Eon-Hak, Lee Joon-Suk, Oh Jae-Suk, Park Chang-Hwan, Mun Ji-Hwan, Kim Jun-Yub, Yu Donggyu, Kang Min-Soo, and Jung Dong-Yun.

SSB vs INC: Lineups Player

Suwon Bluewings (SSB):- 

  • J Ho-Ik
  • S Min
  • H Kang
  • DW Park
  • H M Yang
  • S Choi
  • S Jung
  • U Djeric
  • M Kim
  • K Lee
  • T Kim

Incheon United (INC):-

  • B Oh
  • E Aguilar
  • C Park
  • G Kim
  • J Kim
  • S Mugosa
  • D Kim
  • B S Kim
  • B Goo
  • H Jeong
  • H Delbridge

SSB vs INC: Who Has More Chances To Win

Both teams have played many matches in the league and now, fans are excited to watch that which team has more chances to win this match. Well, team SSB is standing in the 3rd position where they won 2 matches, faced 2 draws, and lost a single match in their last five matches and we can see that their performance was good.

On the other side, INC is standing in the 7th position where they played 19 matches of total and won 6 matches and lost 8 matches. Their last performance was not enough good because they won only 2 matches out of 5 matches and the rest of them was drawn. So, we can see that team INC has more chances to win this match


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