This football competition is going to be wonderful and will be better and amazing than any other football competition of the day because the Coppa Italia is back with another wonderful match tonight. Now, the teams are battling to make their space in the final match of the league and it will be interesting to know that team Spezia (SPZ) and team Lecce (LCE) will face off each other on the football ground.

SPZ vs LCE Live Score

Both teams have been moving towards the final match of the league and today, they will fight to move 1 final out of 16 finals. Fans are too excited to watch this amazing match tonight.

Only one victory team of tonight’s match will play their next match with team AS Roma. The team has already made its space for 1 out of 8 matches and now, tonight’s match will reveal that which team will move for the upcoming final match of the league.

Fans are too excited to watch the next match and they can also watch this match on the football ground after purchasing the ticket of the match from the official website of the league. There is no updates that the match will be broadcast on a TV channel or not?

SPZ vs LCE: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Spezia (SPZ) vs Lecce (LCE)
  • League:- Coppa Italia 2021-22
  • Venue:- Orogel Stadium-Dino Manuzzi, Cesena, Italy
  • Date:- Thursday, December 16, 2021
  • Time:- 10:30 PM (IST)

SPZ vs LCE: Team Squad

Spezia (SPZ):- Kelvin Adou, Salvador Ferrer, Simone Bastoni, Janis Antiste, Mehdi Bourabia, Jeroen Zoet, Ebrima Colley, Nicolo Bertola, Leonardo Gabelli, Aurelien Nguiamba, Leo Sena, Aimar Sher, Kevin Agudelo, Niccolo Pietra, Ivan Provedel, Martin Erlic, Dimitris Nikolaou, Jakub Kiwior, Eddie Salcedo, MBala Nzola, Petar Zovko, Diego Zuppel, Denny Pucci, Emmanuel Gyasi, Daniele Verde, Viktor Kovalenko, Rey Manaj, Arkadiusz Reca, Jacopo Sala, David Strelec, Petko Hristov, Suf Podgoreanu, Giulio Maggiore, and Ayoub Afi.

Lecce (LCE):- Brynjar Ingi Bjarsson, Marco Olivieri, Marcin Listkowski, Noah Crone, Gabriel Strefezza, Brayan Vera, Jasper Samooja, Thorrir Johann Helgason, Pablo Rodriguez, Romario Benzar, Arturo Calabresi, Massimo Coda, Alexandru Borbei, Biagio Meccariello, Antonino Gallo, Alessandro Tuia, Marco Bleve, Antonio Barreca, Mario Gargiulo, Alexis Blin, Zan Majer, Francesco DiMariano, Gabriel Vasconcelos Ferreira, Valentin Gendrey, Kastriot Dermaku, John Bjorkengren, Mattia Felici, Fabio Lucioni, Fabio Pisacane, Luca Paganini, Catalin Burnete, and Morten Hjulmand.

SPZ vs LCE: XI Lineups Player

Spezia (SPZ):- Dimitris Nikolaou, Kelvin Adou, Arkadiusz Reca, Jacopo Sala, Emmanuel Gyasi, Daniele Verde, Ivan Provedel, Viktor Kovalenko, Rey Manaj, David Strelec, and Martin Erlic.

Lecce (LCE):- Marcin Listkowski, Valentin Gendrey, Kastriot Dermaku, Brynjar Ingi Bjarsson, Antonio Barreca, Mario Gargiulo, Gabriel Vasconcelos Ferreira, Francesco DiMariano, Marco Olivieri, Alexis Blin, and Zan Majer.

SPZ vs LCE: Match Prediction

You may also choose some of the best picks of the game and according to the sources, Daniele Verde, Francesco Di Mariano, Reh Manaj, Marco Olivier, and Noah Crone are the best picks of the teams. As per the last few performance of both of the teams, it can be analyzed by the experts that team Spezia has more chances to win this match agains the rival team in this league.


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