Pandya Store 2nd June 2022 Latest Written Update: We are back with the written update of the Pandya store. This episode starts with Janardhan appreciating Dhara, Kamini shouts at Janardhan that he is thanking her for what, that she tries to kill Rishita’s child, She gives thread to remove negative energy from her, but she tries to kill her by tying the thread here. Dev shouts at her and says what she is talking about. Dhara now gets frustrated and says she will not prove her now and says let’s see how much Rishita trusts her. She asks Rishita that can she do this, Rishita asks Kamini, if she sees her tying the thread, why didn’t she stop her.

Spoiler Pandya Store 2nd June 2022 Latest Written Update Rishita and Dev Are Back In Pandya House

Kalyani now speaks the truth and says this all thing is done by Kamini itself, She tries to stop but she didn’t listen, now she can’t risk Rishita’s life for this. She wants that you both stay with them, Kamini now, says Pandyas to leave the house and now she can’t keep them for the job. Dhara asks about her necklace as it is given by her mom, Kamini says at this moment also she is worrying about her necklace, Rishita then gives her the necklace but Dhara stops her. Pandya Store 2nd June 2022 Latest Written Update

Shiva & Gautam then come with the two men with whom Kamini steal the necklace. Dhara already had doubt on her that she can steal the necklace, but she didn’t have the proof, but now she has everything. Kamini asks for the proof, but Kalyani supports her and says she saw her giving the thread, she wants to stop her, but she didn’t hear anything. Rishita then gets hurt and asks Dev to leave the house, as she can’t stay in this house anymore. Janardhan stops her that he is not involved with them.

She says she thought she is safe in her parent’s house, but they only trying to kill her, and now she doesn’t want to keep any relationship with them. Janardhan says to Dev to stop her, Dev shouts and says he started to respect them, but that is not worth it. Rishita moves with Dhara, but Janardhan stops them and says take your money for the work you did for us.

Shiva accepts the check and makes the circle on Rishita and returns them back and asks him to buy some sweets with this money and give them to the needed ones. They come home and both see Suman and get happy. The episode ends with a happy ending.

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