Kundali Bhagya Latest Written Update June 4th 2022: Here we are back with the written update of a popular show. This show is running with the TRP on television. People love to watch this show. This show is a long-running show. It has gained huge popularity among people. It has a good fan following. The lead actress Sharddha Arya has gained amazing fame from this show. The show is running with a great twist. Makers always try to make it more interesting and entertaining with an amazing story. Currently, the show is getting more thrilling for the audience. We have seen in the show, that Rishabh has come back into the house. Let’s continue the article.

Spoiler! Kundali Bhagya Latest Written Update June 4th 2022

The entire family is very happy with the entry of the Rishabh. Rishabh told ever things that happened to him and who did this. He told that Prithvi did this, he is the one, who trapped him in the case in Dubai jail. He further told that Sharlin is also with him, they both planned to trap him in Dubai. He told that Sharlin and Prithvi have an affair. They are hiding their relationship from the family. You have seen Rishabh dragging him out of the house. Rishabh beat him. He told Sharlin to leave the house. Kundali Bhagya Latest Written Update June 4th 2022

When Sharlin leaves the house, she curses the family. Rakhi scares the family. On the other hand, Prithvi Goes to the office and tries to claim the Luthra empire. He says he also has the right, Karan asks him to shut his mouth. Karan calls the security guards and asks them to drag him out. Prithvi tells him, he will take revenge. He will not leave them easily. He will show their time, and time will never be the same. Time will change very soon and he will change it.

The guards hold him and drag him out. On the other side, Sharlin leaves the house and curses them to ruin everything. Rakhi gets stressed to hear this. She was scared of her curse. Preeta says to him that bad people’s curses can’t affect good people. Sameer says that Sharlin has left the house. Now Natasha should also leave the house.

Natasha has made the plan against Preeta. Natasha is trying to do something with Preeta to harm her. She leaked some photos. The show is going to be more interesting and entertaining. Let’s see what will happen next in the show. It will be very interesting to watch. Stay tuned for more updates.

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