Anupama Written Latest Update 2nd June 2022: In the upcoming episode of this show, Anupamaa and Anuj Kapadia along with Anu the little girl who was a part of the orphanage. They all create a splash on the beach, it was a burning desire of her and it was also on a bucket list. Anupamaa is looking very happy and she tells Anuj that she wants to seat she looks here and there and decided to seat.

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Anuj keeps looking at Anu, she is playing with balloons on the beach and while playing she arrives shore of the ocean. Anupamaa says to Anuj that when Anu said that she wanted to fly, and flying today. She prays to God and also says to Anuj that lest it should be her last desire. Anupama Written Latest Update 2nd June 2022:

At the Shah house, Kavya is talking to her ex-husband Anirudhha as well as she thanks him, and she also says after a month of Sundays she got a chance to hit the party. Where Vanraj is sanding behind her and listing to all the conversation and suddenly, she noticed that she had finished the battery of her mobile phone.

Vanraj says to her how can she talk to her ex-husband before of husband. She says to him, that he also used to do with Anupamaa. She did not have any problem and why he is feeling problems. Kavya ends the conversation and says she does not want any argument.

Anuj and Anupamaa are talking, he is about to express his feelings to her that why a child is born with the title orphan. He says to Anupamaa that he wants to adopt Anu. He also wants to make his family as Anupamaa has, her family always takes her to stand like her family he also wants to have some respect and love from his family.

Devika comes to the Shah family and she brings some medicine for Samar but Kavya meets her, she delivers the medicine to her and she will give it to Samar. Devika also says that She has listened to all the conversation and she advises her, that Kavya’s nature has been changed. She has to take her stands and before moving on, she has to think once as Anupamaa does.


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Anupamaa and Anuj continue talking, and Anu comes back and calls to them and gives them a bracelet. Anu also says she has only three bracelets and she applies to their elbow. They all hug each other. This can be viewed on Star Plus.

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