Today in this blog, we going to update you about the TV show name of the show is “Kundli Baghya”. The episode starts with Preeta is standing outside the Luthra haveli, Shrishti comes behind her to make her understand that for the safety of Luthra family otherwise they would be destroyed, how the make her mother understand and she feels the no one respect her at home because Kareena, Maira, and Sherline always try to hurt her, Shrishti goes to the front of Preeta then she apologies from her because she goes for make her understand that she should become in marriage, Preeta says sorry that she married with Karan to her own choice and she does not feel sorry for that and she doesn’t have to worried about that because still, they go at their home Shriti makes her sir on the footpath and go to get auto.

Kundali Bhagya Today's Episode

Maira said why all of them can’t understand that under the veil she was not a one woman. They all try to make her calm down, she asks from her mother that how can she not feel like this that she is not Preeta and not even on Mandap, Ramona exclaims that she came to the Mandap and she also bought for her a drink but there is Sherline who stop to remove her veil, that is why she isn’t able to know that she is not Maira who is with Karan. Maira always gets mad because everyone says to her that Sheline always destroys all the things and she also provokes the Preeta because she tells her that she is still her wife according to the law and that is why she married with the Karan otherwise she never collect the strength to do this.

Sharline worried bout herself that in angry Maya do not open the truth of her real face which destroy her all plan, she tries to calm down Maya but she does not listen to her and she destroys all the decoration of the function in an angry mood, she does not care about anything then Sherlin tells about her and said Preeta also tolerate her pain, this is the reason that she tells many things but she can’t understand the things and Preeta will make a big drama. Dadi tries to stop both of them. For more written updates stay tuned with us and stay safe!



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