Kumkum Bhagya Latest Written Update 2nd June 2022: Ranbir has bought a new house, and he enters the house and recalls his memories with Prachi. A girl comes to greet him and she happens to be the daughter of the previous owner of the house. She asks if he and Prachi will stay there. Ranbir replies that she is mistaken and that they have already been there for quite a while and asks the girl if she will join them at the party that they are going to have.

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Written Update 2nd June 2022

A member of Ranbir’s staff asks why did he buy that house as he is rich and could have easily bought a better house than this to which Ranbir replies that it is not just any house but a house filled with Prachi’s memories. Then the staff member asks why didn’t he buy it before. He says that he wanted to buy it with the money he earned himself. Kumkum Bhagya Latest Written Update 2nd June 2022

Rhea was dancing when Alia came and asked about them. Rhea said that she saw Ranbir feeding Prachi which made her angry but she didn’t react immediately. Alia asked her how does she also know that Ranbir did not wish for Prachi that day. Rhea replied that she overheard Shalu and Prachi talking to each other. Rhea also says, “Ranbir might also propose to her”. Alia was shocked to hear that Prachi didn’t say anything and just left. Rhea says that she is angry at Ranbir for forgetting their anniversary. Alia says that it will be better if they leave each other.

The designer tells Ranbir that Prachi has got the parcel. Prachi throws the parcel in anger and when Ranbir asks Prachi to wear the Saree at a Business Party, she gets angrier and hangs up. Ranbir has fun teasing her and making her think that he forgot their anniversary.

The scene then moves on. Vikram and his rival ask Mr. Khanna how did he agree to Ranbir’s Proposal when he didn’t accept theirs. Mr. Khanna says that Ranbir’s ideas regarding love and marriage were very interesting and they were worth investing.

Dida tells Shahana when she asks, that she knows that Ranbir and Prachi were going to Mr. Verma’s house today. Pallavi tells Ranbir that she was proud of him. When Rhea meets Mr. Khanna she tells him that she is Ranbir’s wife which makes Mr. Khanna tell her about Ranbir and his love for her wife very much. Rhea also tells him that they are like a normal couple at home.

Ranbir is excited to show his surprise to Prachi. Shahana tries to console Prachi but she insists on her to not trying as it doesn’t matter whether he remembers the anniversary or not. Prachi wears the saree given by Ranbir and he sees her and feels amazed. But, Prachi leaves and he follows her. Rhea joins in on the conversation between Alia and Pallavi. She tells them how Mr. Khanna praised her and that it wasn’t about Prachi but her. Prachi was looking pretty and Ranbir tells her that. She thinks of him as a liar, as the episode ends.

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