In ABA Basketball League we have a team Split facing off against the team Mega on 19th March. The match is scheduled to be played at 8:30 PM (IST) at Arena Gripe. Let’s talk about the team Split who has played their last match against the team KK Mornar Bar where the team Split has scored 71 points and the opponent team managed to score 81 points and the team split lost the match. The team player Marko Likovic scored 19 points in this match and is a key player of team Split.


Ilija Djokovic managed to score 9 points and a forward player of the team. The team Split is at the second position in the league standings. The team Mega has played a match against the team K Koper Primorska where the opposing team failed to score any goal and team Mega scored 20 points and won the match. Let’s take a look at the score of both of the teams.

SPL vs MES Live Score:

Match: SPL vs MES ABA Basketball League 2020-21
Date: 19th March
Time: 8:30 PM (IST)
Venue: Arena Gripe Split, Croatia

Split Squad:

Roko Gizdavcic, Ivan Perasovic, Darko Bajo, Ilija Dokovic, Bruno Rebic, Toni Perkovic, Viktor Saric, Marin Maric, Mateo Kedzo, Marin Maric, Ante Perkussic, Miha Skedeji, Milan Milovanovic, Martin Jancar Jarc, Jan Rebec, Jan Kosi, Roderick Camphor, Nejc Baric, Rok Stipcevic

Mega Soccerbet Squad:

Nikola Durisic, Marko Kijajevic, Mihalio Musikic, Nikola Dapa, Dayshon Smith, Mihailo Jovicic, Malcolm Cazalon, Nikola Jovic, Aleksandar Langovic, Karlo Matkovic, Marco Kljajevic, Nikola Misko, Milenko Tepic, Luka cerovina, Marko Kljajevic, Marko Simonovic, Karlo Matkovic

SPL vs MES Dream 11 Prediction

The team SPL has performed well in the last matches. They have won 3 matches in the league and lost 2 matches. The team player Luka Babric has scored 11 points in the last played match against the team KK Mornar. He has consistently done well in the ABA League. The team player Marin Maric has scored 9 points in the last played match. There is no recorded injury from the team Split. The key player for the team Mega will be Milenko Tepic who has scored 19 points in the last played match.

The team Mega has performed well in the league. If we talk about the performance of the last 5 matches then they have won 3 matches and lost 2 matches in the league. There is no injury that has been recorded yet. The team is at the second position in the league standings and looking forward to winning this match. Stay connected to know more about this article.


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