Many basketball leagues has been running but the fans of the German Basketball League is not stopping themselves to choose the best league of the year. Well, there are lots of matches of the league and among them, one match will take place in the basketball coat. According to the updates, team ULM (ULM) and team Oliver Wurzburg (SOW) will come in front of each other for today’s match. It will be interesting to watch this match tonight where these two teams will compete to each other. Many fans are eagerly waiting to watch this battle.

sow vs ulm

Now, the match is about to begin in just a few hours and fans are eagerly waiting to know which team has more chances to win this match? who will play tonight in the teams? and many more details. Through this article, we will provide all the details of the match such as time, date, venue, league, and many more details. Let’s ready for this match tonight and if you want to watch this match on the arena so, the tickets are available for all the fans on the official website of the league.

SOW vs ULM: Match Details

  • Team Names:- ULM (ULM) vs Oliver Wurzburg (SOW)
  • League:- German Basketball League
  • Venue:- s. Oliver Arena (Wurzurburger)
  • Date:- Friday, March 4, 2022
  • Time:- 11:30 PM IST

SOW vs ULM: Team Squad

ULM (ULM):- Abdul Malik Abu, David Gerard, Charles Callison, Julius Bohmer, Aigars Skele, Yulian Ramirez Montero, Julian Albus, Elijah Ndi, William Buford, Luciano Parodi, Desi Rodriguez, Felix Hoffmann, Craig Moller, Cameron Hunt, Filip Stanic, Nicolas Carvacho, and Alex King.

Oliver Wurzburg (SOW):- Karim Jallow, Marius Stoll, Michael Rataj, Nat Diallo, Per Gunther, Fedor Zugic, Philipp Herkenhoff, Semaj Christon, Sindarius Thornwell, Thomas Klepeisz, Jaron Blossomgame, Cristiano Felicio, Nicolos Bretzel, Moritz Krimmer, and Christoph Philipps.

SOW vs ULM: Lineups Player

ULM (ULM):- Luciano Parodi, Desi Rodriguez,Cameron Hunt, Filip Stanic, Nicolas Carvacho, William Buford, Felix Hoffmann, and Craig Moller.

Oliver Wurzburg (SOW):- Semaj Christon, Cristiano Felicio, Nicolos Bretzel, Christoph Philipps, Karim Jallow, Jaron Blossomgame, Sindarius Thornwell, and Thomas Klepeisz.

SOW vs ULM: Match Prediction

If we talk about the standings of the teams so, team ULM is at 4th spot with 15 victories and 7 lost out of 22 matches. On the other side, team SOW is at 16th spot with just 5 victories out of 21 matches where they lost 16 matches in this league. As per their performance in this league, team ULM has more and better chances to win this match because of their gameplay in the last few matches.


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