The popular ‘Casa Bonita’ is getting hype after the animated TV Series ‘South Park’. This series has taken this restaurant to a great level of popularity. Everyone is wanting to know about this. There are many amazing facts about this restaurant. So, be a part of this exciting article to know the details. The dynamic duo might soon get their hands on their beloved Mexican food joint in Denver, Colorado.

Who Owns Casa Bonita

Who Owns Casa Bonita?

In the year 2021, the owner has been reported his bankruptcy in April 2021. But there was a movement that was launched by local citizens to save this restaurant. It was so emotional to see the support from local citizens.

Initially, the restaurant was in focus in the year 2003 when South Park’s first episode was released among audiences with the same name. In the first episode, we have seen that the lead character was Eric Cartman who tries to hide butter to secure an invitation to kyle Broftovski’s party on his birthday.

But Casa Bonita appears when the party was arrangements the party is managed by Casa Bonita restaurant. Both the personalities Parker and Stone had memories of visiting the restaurant with their remaining crew members also.

Now the question arises, who owns this restaurant, Casa Bonita? It is a 100 restaurant chain in the USA that has popularity due to its struggle after the bankruptcy. Even it serving its valuable services in most of the states like Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Idaho, South Dakota, Colorado, and Washington.

It was originally found by JB’s Big Boy (Jack M Broberg) in 1961. The entrepreneur and Casa Bonita owner were graduated from the University of Southern California. Before starting this dream business, he was struggled with his sales engineer and later he was also an executive with Lockheed.

The destiny of this restaurant changed and even the financials are also turned drastically. They have joined hands together with a fundraiser to make the company better. Casa Bonita has raised $67,995 from the GoFundMe campaign while they had a goal to raise $100,000 funding.

So due to all these major incidents and the story of bounce back against problems make everyone excited to watch episodes of Casa Bonita. If you also want to know about this restaurant chain journey then watch the series.


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