Recently, a piece of news has come on the web, that A New Jersey police officer chief, who has allegations of drunk driving in April, was found lying in the middle of the street right next to his pickup truck. and gotten viral in a speedy manner. This news has gained immense attention from the people. This topic has become a controversial topic. People are wondering about the news that what is the matter and what happened. They are keen on information about the news. They have several questions and they are trying to figure out the matter. Here are several things to tell you about the news. We will try to cover all the points in this article, so read the entire article completely. Let’s continue the article.


According to the report, the incident occurred on April 22, and the video went viral on the web. His pants were down and it was more absurd. Officers mocked him till then they got to know who he was. Brian Pesce, the Bordentown Township Police Chief, was found on the floor in nearby Hamilton after a 911 got know about the matter that a driver was  “weaving all over the place”, who was drunk. The man, who made a call warned the drunken man that  “he will kill somebody.” Several things remain to tell you about the news, which you will find in the next section.

South Jersey Police Chief, Found Lying in the Street

As per the report, the 911 caller called to return another time to tell that the drunken driver had stopped and he was “on the ground in the middle of the road. An officer has responded, that the keys are in the middle of the road, the cellphone on the road. The same officer observed a wet patch on the ground. The man was actually 46 years old but he claims he is 35 years old.

Officers asked him why was he sleeping middle of the road and officers said that his paint was down and it was looking more absurd. After the conversation, one of the respecting officers searched the chief and find his police badge. Pesce suffered an injury on his head and he was led into an ambulance. He was looking confused. This news was getting viral on the web and people were searching about it. We have shared all the details, which we have fetched from other sources. If we get any details, we will tell you first at the same site. Stay tuned for more updates.


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