Soorma movie review: Dlijit Dosanjh plays former India hockey captain Sandeep Singh in a film that is more a love story than sports biopic.

The aspirant youngster also gets a beg of new hockey balls. The intrigued player wonders what the hockey federation will have to say about it. The suit replies, “ I am the federation.” A young hockey player is working on his drag flicks in a dark corner of a practice turf when a suit-clad official asks him to leave the player explains how important the practice is him and the official is duly impressed on official’s orders, the turf is lit up. Mentored by his older brothers Bikram(Angad Bedi ) Sandeep’s efforts earned him a sport in the Indian hockey team. The story pivots around Shahabad Haryana where Singh and his family live His Signature move- the drag flick ensures that he become the nickname of flicker Singh”

Sandeep Dosanjh and his girlfriend role played by tapsee pannu in divided love story soorma movie The love story is inspired by true events’ as apparently remind you that Sandeep took up hockey to win over the girl he loved, till you want to know yourself out with a hockey stick. Soorma is more a stretch then a flick it is a shame because this was Bollywood’s chance to feast the audience with an inspiring story of a sportsman, whose return to hockey after a life-threarening incident was nothing dramatic potential and is just another hackneyed run-of-the mill biopic. A champion is turned into a colorless Bollywood hero.

Chitranganda sing is one of the producers of soorma, a biopic on former India hockey captain Sandeep Singh. actor Chitrangada Singh says biopics should be narrated truthfully. It is a very powerful story and since it is a biopic.  it is a very powerful story and since it is a biopic it should be told truthfully. Sometimes we do perform things and I had promised Sandeep that we would be faithful to his story. There is nothing we have added for the sake of cinema” she told PTI there are multiple motivation stories we all are familiar with, but there are some which despite being little-know can touch the deepest part of our soul. The story of hockey player Sandeep Singh who which might be new to many-will promote you to keep going when faced with never-ending monstrous obstacles.



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