The temple named Tirchendur dedicated to the Lord Murugan and the temple located on the Bay of Bengal in the state of Tamil Nadu. Today, a very common and famous festival named Soorasamharam celebrated by the South Indians with a very joyful feel and love. A very huge and massive gathering of devotees comes to the temple and worship the Lord Murugan to witness the triumph of good over evil. The festival celebrated on the Skanda Sashti of the Karthigai month in which all the people who believe in the festival have celebrated the festival with lots of joyous joy.

Soorasamharam 2020

Lord Murugan Is Another Example Of Victory Of Good Over Evil

The main belief to celebrate the festival is when the Lord Murugan defeat the demon to brings peace and happiness in the town then the residence of the place worship Lord Murugan and give him thanks for making their life very easy with happiness. Lord Murugan won the battle against the demon Soorapadman who is known for its dark fame and some illegal activities. After defeating the demon Lord Murugan stay at The Arulmigu Subramaniya Swamy Temple to worship his father, Lord Shiva. The demon flourish lots of negative energy in the town and destruct lots of places for placing its fear in the heart of common people of the town.

Soorapadman was blessed with a boon from Lord Brahma and also he was only killed by a son of Shiva. So, Lord Shiva created Lord Murugan from the energy of his third eye and send him to kill the demon Soorapadman. After the Lord Murugan kills the demon then all the residence are worshiping him and enjoy the day as a festival. The festival of Soorasamharam is very auspicious and holy. All the devotees give very pure and holy worship to the Lord Murugan and pray for blessings and happiness.

Soorasamharam 2020 Is Celebrated On 20th November 2020

All the residents of the Bay of Bengal and Tamil Nadu celebrate the festival with a very religious feel and auspicious mind. All the devotees get lots of happiness, strength, positive energy, wealth, and many blessings. Lord Murugan is an example of the victory of good over evil and also proof that if you want to do something then you can do everything. So, Soorasamharam 2020 is celebrated on 20th November 2020 and all the devotees are waiting for the festival to enjoy and worship to Lord Murugan on this auspicious day.


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