The latest episode of the popular animated series, Sonny Boy has released its 6th episode and fans are going crazy to know more about the upcoming episode that will be released soon. All the students are trapped in the mysterious world and finding the solution to go back home. While Nozomi has found something suspicious and interesting about Nagara and when they were swimming, they left for home.

sonny boy episode 6 release date

Now, Machi, Ace, Nagara, and Asa have traveled to another dimension that looks as same as the gaming world and they need to allow the mouse to complete the game of maze and then back to the island.

Sonny Boy Episode 6 Spoilers Preview

While Ace decided to stop everything and Nagara asks him to stop all these. Ace asks the reason and Machi says that he will be erasing everything from what exists. Machi tells her that how they won the world step by step and if they miss something so, they will be trapped.

The students reveal that if they fail in this mission so, they will not be rewarded. Suddenly, Nozomi touches the mouse and Nagara saved her from flames. Aces use all his superpowers to stop the fire.

Nozomi reveals that if don’t do anything so, they can’t go anywhere. Later, they rushed to the island to check the results. Raj offers her orange juice and Nozomi realizes that he has traveled in different worlds where no one can go. Raj thinks that Nagara is made from different worlds by random chances.

Ace said to Nagara that keep trying because he has gotten new powers from the jackpot. Now, Nozomi thinks about her next plans. Now, the next episode of the season will be available in just a few days. It will be the 6th episode of the first season.

Sonny Boy Episode 6: Release Date

The latest episode of the Sonny Boy will be released in just a few days and fans are eagerly waiting to watch the most favorable season. So, Sonny Boy Episode 6 will be released on Friday, August 20, 2021, at 12:30 AM. Each episode releases on every Friday and fans always wait to watch this amazing season.

Some people are searching for the streaming platform of the show and you can watch the next and more upcoming episodes on Funimation, ANIPLUS, and other official sites of the show. The animation is totally available on some popular official web pages and platforms. Also, the show is available in English subtitles. So, let’s wait for the next upcoming episode.


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