The Solo Leveling Season 2 is back with another episode that will be released in the upcoming days. Now, chapter 168 continues in which Sung Jinwoo meets his father one last time and he vows that the ruler will have to pay for his father that happened with him. Now, the Solo Leveling Season 2 comes when entered in the new era of the Demonic Beast since the defeat was held of Monarch of Frost, King of Beast, and Monarch of Plague.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 168 Preview

From the starting of the second season, the Hunters gathered after a massive war and saw the appearance of the Domonic Beasts and they got ready to attack them. They get shocked after hearing a voice that telling them to stop.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 168 Spoilers

Later, the Chairman asks to Sun Jinwoo that why is he stopping them to fight with them. The hunters are confused because they are facing Demonic Beast without attacking on them. Later, Sung Jinwoo steps ahead and meets the leader of Demonic Beasts after putting his hands in his pockets.

While other Demonic Beasts are waiting in a mid of the air for their leader to attack. They both see each other and the leader of the Demonic Beasts utters Grand-Marshal Bellion. He falls down on his knees in front of Sung Jinwoo after knowing that he is a respected man. Along with this, the rest of the army also falls down on their knees.

The leader of Demonic Beasts said that they are respectfully great. The Chairman and other hunters wonder and eagerly want to know that what is happening because they were out for the battle.

The Chairman asks Hunter to explain to him what is going on. The Goliath, Thomas, and his crew think that if they can see them. They get to know that they are a threat to humanity and three of them gather at one place.

Each unit of the Demonic Beasts army has a leader and they both are on their knees in front of Sung Jinwoo. Now, the upcoming episode will reveal many more things and fans are curious to know that what will happen next because there are many things to happen in the next episode and along with this, the watchers wants to know that when the Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 168 will release so, here are all the updates of the next chapter.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 168: Release Date

Now, another chapter of Solo Leveling season 2 will hit the screens on Thursday, September 23, 2021. Keep remembering that every chapter of Solo Leveling releases every Thursday.

Well, it will be exciting to know that General Beru and Grand Marshal Bellion are fighting for the first position in Sung Jinwoo’s army. On the other side, a new Hunter just arrived at the airport. Now, all these things will be revealed in the next chapter. So, keep updated with us to know more updates.


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