The episode starts with a three versus one battle which is still continued even after other Monarchs who arrives in a counter-attack with S-Rank Hunter Sung Jinwoo. The Monarch of Frost, The King of Beast, and Plague Monarch circle Sun Jinwoo are the three verses in the battle. Sung Jinwoo revealed his Shadow Army and told him that Monarch will come and attack him.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 160 Release Date

Note we need to find that the vs. one battle continues on the episode of Solo Leveling Season 2. The Monarch of Frost convert into a monstrous ice and Plague Monarch comment that she wanted to have fun equally. She also revealed her army of monsters to join the battle.

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the monstrous-headed also attack Sujng Jingwoo who tries to swollen him, he escaped from there. The monarch of Frost disclosed the hummer blows and also tried to smash Sung Jinwoo with the floor. Sung Jinwoo us this intelligence to use his two daggers to behead the monstrous-head worm monsters.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 160 Date & Time

The beast showers barrage and Sung Jinwoo counters with his dangers and also tried to cut the ice which is coming from the Monarch of Frost. Sung Jinwoo escaped from the Monarch of Frost trap as the Shadow Army back him up. He dives into the air and tries to take the Monarch of Frost but the King of the Beast tries to stop him.

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Sung Jinwoo starts to cut down the King Of Beast who asks him to harm with a mere metal. Sung Jinwoo revert back with wielding an ordinary piece of metal, but soon found that it is powerful enough to slash the beast.

The King of the Beast got surprised when he sees his arm is falling from mid-air. The King of the Beast thinks if Sung Jinwoo while he cut his arm. Sung Jinwoo tries to land on the ground behind the King of the Beast who wonders about things happening around him. The Plague Monarch attacks Sung Jinwoo with vines of trees but this time Sung Jinwoo dive.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 160 Spoilers & Recap

In the season 2 chapter 159, the Plague Monarch unleashes his four monster hands and The King of the Beast also upgrade his powers. Sun Jinwoo looks at him and two other figures to attach them at the same time. He walks with the monstrous-headed monsters to take down Sung Jinwoo. The King of the Beast also sent his Beast Army to fight with sung Jinwoo. Soon they realize that this is not easy to defeat him. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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