The world is experiencing severe environmental issues such as global warming and greenhouse effect. A major reason for these environmental woes is our dependence on fossil fuels for electricity production. Though the governments, across the globe, are taking the required steps to introduce and promote the use of renewable energy, we as global citizens have a major role to play here. One of the ways we can contribute towards building a solar energy future is by installing solar panels for home. Continuing the discussion forward, let’s see how solar panels for home can help build a sustainable future.

First Things First – The Lingering Concern

Currently, a major percentage of the power generated across the globe comes from fossil fuels and nuclear. The problem with these two most widely used sources of energy is that they lead to several environmental woes. The electricity generated from fossil fuels is a major cause of global warming. Similarly, the use of nuclear resources, to generate electricity, not only contaminates water but it also adversely affects the land. To top it all, both fossil fuels and nuclear are finite sources of energy which means they are going to deplete with time.

Considering the above-mentioned issues with these conventional, non-renewable sources of energy, it is necessary to switch to a renewable source of energy that’s not just here to stay but will also contribute to a greener future.
Tackling the Menace with Home Solar Panel Systems

With the world realizing the ill-effects of the conventional sources of energy, efforts are on to switch from conventional to renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass. Solar energy is the most popular source of renewable energy among them. That’s because it is an abundant source of energy and provides equal access to all. It is one of the safest and cleanest sources of energy which makes it a great alternative to conventional energy sources.

Considering the above-mentioned benefits of solar energy, governments, across the world, have been stressing on the installation of solar panels for homes and businesses. In fact, the Indian government is even giving out handsome subsidies for installing solar panels for homes.

The Other Benefits of Switching to Solar

Besides being a clean and green source of energy, home solar power systems offer various other benefits such as
⦁ Savings on Electricity Bills

Solar energy is available to us for free and the only cost one needs to bear is the initial cost of setting up a home solar panel system. Once the solar panel system is installed, one can continue enjoying the electricity produced using solar energy for free.

⦁ Property Appreciation

Real estate experts suggest that properties with a solar panel setup have better resale values. That’s because it not only saves buyers the hassle of going through the solar panel installation process but it also gives them the benefit of free electricity from day one.

⦁ Handsome Returns on Investment

Most homeowners who installed solar panels on their property are able to recover the entire setup cost within 3 to 5 years. As the average lifespan of a home solar panel system is around 25 to 30 years, the savings that one makes after the first 3 to 5 years are the returns that they make on their investment.

Say ‘yes’ to solar

The change has to start with us. As global citizens, we need to ensure that our Earth is acleaner and greener place to live, not just for us but even for the coming generations. So if you haven’t switched to solar panels for your home, already, we suggest that you consider doing it as soon as possible. Also, if you have been procrastinating your solar panel buying decision because you don’t know where to start, you should get in touch with solar experts from Luminous India. They will not only guide you about solar panel system installation but will also help you select the best one.


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