Is Sofie Dossi Dating Dom Brack? Boyfriend Details Explored: Sofi Dossi is a well-known gymnast and has been working really hard over the years which has gotten her the fame that she deserved. She is now enjoying the fruits of her labor that she earned over the years. Follow More Updates On

Sofie Dossi

Is Sofie Dossi Dating Dom Brack?

Sofie is a well-known actress in America and is also a Youtuber, where she posts content related to gymnastics and enjoys sharing her skills with others. She is also a contortionist who made an appearance in the 11th season of the famous show America’s got talent, in 2016. The thing to note is that her contortionist skills were self-taught, and she was not just a regular participant and had made it to the finals as well and conquered the hearts of many with the mind-blowing display of her talent.

Sofie had also been nominated for the Streamy Award back in 2017 as well as in 2020.

Where is Sofi Dossi?

The famed gymnast is currently a known personality on social media platforms and uploads regular, entertaining content videos on her channel as well. She has also worked on a song titled ‘Bunny’ that is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and many other music platforms. There is also a business that operates under the name “Shop Sofie Dossi” which is working in providing many apparels and accessories.

She is a famous personality on the internet and has made her name millions of followers and the number only seems to be increasing every second.

Who Is Sofie Dossi?

She has over 4 million followers on her Instagram and 6.87 million subscribers at the time being. She had her debut on screen in the same year in which she took part in the show America’s Got Talent. The debut series was called “K.C Undercover”, which was a comedy series that aired on Disney Channel. Later on, she also worked in the series called “Bizaardvark” and also in “Boss Cheer”.

There was a video that was uploaded on her channel recently that got more than 1 million views and 43k likes in just 3 days. This just shows her influence on people is that great.

Who is Sofie Dossi dating?

At the moment, Sofie is dating Dominic Brack also known as Dom. He is a Youtuber, and a Tik Tok creator having more than 1.5 million subscribers on his channel. Their dating status was revealed in 2021 after Dom had asked the gymnast out on Valentine’s Day. Ever since then, they have been pretty open about their relationship with the people who follow them on social media.

They have been sharing their adorable couple of pictures on their social media accounts.


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