It has been a long time since Kooku App announced the arrival of a new web series. Now, the wait is over now because the OTT Platform announced the upcoming web series which is going to release in some days. The fan following of the OTT Platform is extremely high and millions of people across the country are ready to watch the complete story of the web series named “Socketwali”. As we all know the Kooku OTT Platform always come with an adult concept that entertains all the people who love to watch romantic and bold web series. The adult and sensational web-series releasing after much time.

Socketwali Web Series

Socketwali Kooku Web Series

This time, the story that appearing in the trailer of the web series is very sensational and erotic. Along with it, the star cast also seems to talk lots of double meaning dialogues. The trailer collecting lots of love and attention from the audience because it is actually very interesting to watch.

The most enthralling and brilliant part of the web series where the cast compared a woman’s crotch to a socket. The trailer of Socketwali starts with a couple in which the husband talking to a phone call about the requirement of the socket from the popular website

Instantly, his wife asked him about the website and socket but he tell that it is a growing website that providing one-day delivery. When the story going on and the husband get the socket and enjoying with the girl then his wife also knows the truth and the real meaning of the socket.

Socketwali Kooku Cast Actress Names

She decided to be an escort instead of confronting her husband. Later, she meets the member and organizer of the website to join the company. Now, the web series is actually looking very erotic and sensational in which all the stars showing their mind-blowing and romantic performance to all the admirers.

Now, the name of the stars who played the pivotal roles in the web series has not been revealed yet. The release date is unveiled and it is scheduled for 13th June 2021. All the people who eager to watch the web series are waiting for its release.

Millions of people across the country are ready to make their time very precious and entertaining by watching this sensational and alluring web series. Kooku App is all set to introduce a very romantic and bold web series that is going to release in some days. So, don’t forget to watch the sensational web series.


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