Many matches have already taken place in many football grounds of Brazil and every single match of Brazilain Serie A has come with lots of entertainment and enthusiasm among fans. Lots of fans are excited to watch this match and maybe, the fans need to visit the arena to support the rival team. It will be interesting to watch what will happen in tonight’s match because team Santos (SNTS) and team Palmeiras (PLM) will face off each other on the football ground. So, let’s wait for the upcoming match of the league.

snts vs plm

Through this article, we will share all the details of the match such as time, date, venue, league, and many more details. Let us tell you that a few players such as Angelo Gabriel, Gabriel Veron, Jailson, Luan, Mayke, Piquerez J, and Veiga R will not be a part of the match because of their injuries. With this, you can also create your own team on Dream11 prediction on which, you can choose your own players and add them in your team to win this match and earn a good amount of money. So, get ready to watch this amazing match on the football ground.

SNTS vs PLM: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Santos (SNTS) vs Palmeiras (PLM)
  • League:- Brazilian Serie A
  • Venue:- Estadio Vila Belmiro (Santos)
  • Date:- Monday, May 30, 2022
  • Time:- 12:30 AM IST

SNTS vs PLM: Team Squad

Santos (SNTS):- Ivonei Rabelo, Anderson Ceara, Lucas Barbosa, Carlos Sanchez, Angelo Gabriel, Vinicius Zanocelo, Rodrigo Fernandez, Lucas Braga, Rwan Seco, Gabriel Pirani, Marcos Guilherme, Emiliano Velazquez, Lucas Lourenco Andrade, Bruno Oliveira, Felipe Jonatan, Renyer Damasceno, Leo Baptistao, Guilherme Camacho, Jobson Souza Santos, Luiz Felipe do Nascimento, Madson Ferreira, Eduardo Bauermann, Maicon, Bryan Angulo, Ricardo Goulart, Marcos Leonardo, Jhojan Julio, Auro Jr, Lucas Pires, Willian Maranhao, Kaiky Melo, Robson Reis, John Victor, Tailson Pinto Goncalves, Diogenes Vinicius da Silva, Paulo Mazoti Azevedo, Joao Paulo Silva Martins, Vinicius Balieiro, and Sandry Roberto Santos.

Palmeiras (PLM):- Gabriel Menino, Gustavo Scarpa, Jose Rafael Vivian, Eduardo Pereira Rodrigues, Kaiky Naves, Benjamin Kuscevic, Mayke Rocha de Oliveira, Deyverson Silva Acosta, Weverton, Gustavo Gomez, Marcos Rocha, Jorge Moraes, Murilo Cerqueira, Fabio Silva de Freitas, Breno Lopes, Gabriel Silva, Vanderlan Barbosa, Vinicius Silvestre, Eduard Atuesta, Giovani Henrique, Lucas Freitas, Jailson Siqueira, Henri Marinho, Wesley Ribeiro, Gabriel Veron, Gustavo Garcia, Pedro Bicalho, Marcelo Lomba, Ronielson da Silva Barbosa, Rafael- Navarro, Luan Garcia, Joaquin Piquerez, Danilo dos Santos de Oliveira, Jhonatan dos Santos Rosa, and Raphael Veiga.

SNTS vs PLM: Lineups Player

Santos (SNTS):- Joao Paulo Silva Martins, Rodrigo Fernandez, Bryan Angulo, Ricardo Goulart, Luiz Felipe do Nascimento, Angelo Gabriel, Vinicius Zanocelo, Madson Ferreira, Eduardo Bauermann, Maicon, and Carlos Sanchez.

Palmeiras (PLM):- Ronielson da Silva Barbosa, Rafael- Navarro, Jorge Moraes, Jose Rafael Vivian, Eduardo Pereira Rodrigues, Murilo Cerqueira, Gabriel Menino, Gustavo Scarpa, Weverton, Gustavo Gomez, and Marcos Rocha.

SNTS vs PLM: Match Prediction

As we can see that team PLM is at the 3rd spot with 3 victories out of 7 matches where they lost a single match. Another side, team SNTS is at the 6th spot with 7 matches where they won 3 matches and lost 2 matches. Many predictors and analysts are coming ahead to reveal which team has more chances to win tonight. According to the updates, team PLM has better chances to win this match tonight.


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