SNT(Santa Clara) vs BEL(Belenenses) is a new entertainment package for football fans all over the world. This is the ‘Portuguese Premier League’ famous league of football. This time to surprise us the league decides to establish a new competition among the football championship universe. Recently, it was observed by us that the league serving so many appreciable games with the marvelous better performer from Football league Portuguese Premiere League. That match going to be aired on Monday, February 1, 2021, at 10:30 PM. Here are the different points which going to be unveiled in few minutes with impressive details. So we need to start, let’s begin.

Portuguese Premier League

SNT vs BEL Live Score

Match: SNT vs BEL, Portuguese League
Date: Monday, February 01, 2021
Time: 10:30 PM IST
Venue: Estadio de São Miguel

With the huge hard work and gameplay momentum, SNT places themselves on the 7th placing in the point table and won 5 games, 3 draws, and lost games. currently, the team SNT having 18 points in the stats. On the other side, if we talk about BEL so they also played a number of matches. Which generated a good result for them. Team BEL won 3-4 games, remaining are lost and tied by them. Belenenses SAD  head coach Petit will see this game as a chance to go level with their opponents and break into the top half of the table.

Santa Clara FC: Marco Pereira, Rafael Ramos, Fabio Cardoso, Mikel Villanueva, Joao Lucas, Carlos Junior, Hidemasa Morita, Anderson Carvalho, Diogo Salomão, Crysan, Costinha

Belenenses FC: Stanislav Kritsyuk, Tomás Ribeiro, Gonçalo Silva, Thibang Phete, Rúben Lima, Bruno Ramires, Afonso Taira, Tiago Esgaio, Silvestre Varela, Mateo Cassierra, Miguel Cardoso

According to our expectations and on the basis of fan following SNT has a huge winning probability in this upcoming match. They going to defeat BEL with the highest score ever. Although actual will come after the match until the suspense should remain like this. You can enjoy the game by watching the live score of this upcoming square off. If you want to connect with us for more upcoming matches, so you need to bookmark the site immediately without any delay.


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