Due to the rising cases of Covid-19 in Kerala, the state government has imposed a strict lockdown in the state and only a few important things have opened on the order of the Government. To stop the cases in the state, many actions have already taken against the people who were breaking the rule of the Government. The lockdown was about to open on June 9 but it was being extended by the government till next week, June 6. With all of this, liquor shops have also closed in the state till further notice but it has been smuggling from neighboring state Karnataka.

Smuggling From Neighboring State Karnataka

After the strict lockdown in Kerala, the smuggler not stopping to doing this illegally. On Tuesday, around 97 bottles of illegal liquor were seized from the railway station of Kollam. After the investigation was held, the excise department arrested an army officer and an IT professional in the connection with the illegal liquor case.

During the routine search of the excise department, around 60 bottles were seized from the passengers of the train who was traveling in the Bengaluru-Kanyakumari Express. According to the details, the arrested man has been identified and known as Amal, age 28, who is an army officer. Along with this, the report says that he was working in Bengaluru.

In another incident, an IT professional whose age is 38, Anil Kumar was arrested with 37 bottles during the search routine of the officer in the train. As per the details, around 64 liters of illegal liquor were seized from those men. After the complete lockdown in the state from the starting of May, the excise department has gone more alert for their duty.

With the smuggling, making illegal liquor is also the main cause of worry. Since the lockdown began in the state, more than 1000 liter of illegal liquor has seized and destroyed by the excise team. Now, the team has been searching in every passing train and doing all to stop the illegal smuggling in the state. Many people are also trying to import illegal liquor by bus and as well as their personal vehicle.

During this lockdown in the state, the Kerala Chief Minister’s office has imposed the complete lockdown in the state and nothing will be allowed on June 12 and 13. While the banking work, importing and exporting raw materials, store for important essential and construction material are allowed in the state.

As per the daily reports, the state has crossed the 10,000 death in the state on Monday. While the CM said that around over 9,000 people found positive after over 70,000 samples were sent for the test in the last 24 hours. The total cases of the state have reached 1,47,831. Stay tuned for more updates.


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