SMCU aespa Ep.2 – Next Level: Selected Winners & Ticket Price: If you are wondering what’s this event about and why this event is happening so don’t worry, we will give you all the information regarding this event. Aespa is a group that includes a South Korean girl and the other four members are involved, this group is formed by SM Entertainment. They first released their first episode of Black Mamba on 17th November 2020. So now they are releasing their second episode ” Next Level ” and for that, they organize an event. SMCU aespa Ep.2 – Next Level: Selected Winners & Ticket Price

SMCU aespa Ep.2 - Next Level Release Date Winner Time

What Is This Event About?

According to SM entertainments, a premier event is coming for their upcoming episode. This event will take place on 9th June 2022. In this event, some of the lucky ones can see this episode earlier before the release date. This event is going to be held in their SM building which is in Sungsu-dong. The lucky fans can also get the chance to meet the team of SM entertainment. Fans want to be part of this event but unfortunately only who pre-book their album can be a part of this event.

Release Date Of Next Level?

As per the information this second episode ” Next Level ” is going to release on 19th June 2022. Also, the mini-album of Aespa is all set to release on 8th July and ” Life is too short” their first single is going to be re-released on 24th June. Fans are waiting to see this episode as this is the most interesting & popular series. Meanwhile their first episode ” Black Mamba” was released on 14th May, 2021on official youtube channel of Aespa. Their first episode attracts many people and after watching that people are now want to see the more episodes of them.

Who Will Get The Tickets For This Event?

The lucky ones who will get this event tickets are who pre-book the album of this episode, and the SM entertaining team & the girls will choose from them and they will be invited to the whole episode before it releasing date. This will be an in-person event in which girls will choose 80 members who booked the ticket earlier and they will also get a chance to watch that episode with the cast and spend their day with them. This event is to attract more people to them and this will also help the team to tell the concept of their show. For more latest & updated information stay connected with us.

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