School life is one of the most loving and desirable life for all of us. School is where we fulfill our primary stage of life as well as study. America has been running on Trent since the month of Sundays for various reasons but nowadays the news of America is circulating many times on the internet today. Some days ago, a shooting was reported in the school where around nineteen students were killed. Similarly, a shooting is registered in Washington County Sheriff, United States. The cops received a call from the Slinger District High School.

Slinger Middle School shooting today

The chief of Slinger police Dean Schmidt said that they received a call from the school that when they all were in a crowd, students were making a noise and whispering they had a gun. He added in his statement and said that he was irritated with it. Because he is also in the swim about what is going on all over America. He also said that it would be difficult to address this case and firstly we have to see the age of the student as well as from where he got the gun.

Slinger Middle School Shooting Today

At the time when school was under lockdown, people were in shock and the school staff was scared. The management of the school was feeling tense for students because They did not that it was a prank call.

This news viral on local media and the management of the school decided to shut the school. The parents of those students who were in the school at the time of this funny prank were contemplated for their children. When the concerned team of police arrived at the given location. They searched for the student and the gun but they did not receive any gun from the school premises. The threat which has been given by the student is correct or not.

Slinger Middle School Photos Videos

The cops were taking the help of school students and staff. They all burn the midnight oil to solve this case but unfortunately, this case has been considered hocks. The team of police ends the school lockdown at around 2 PM so that the parents who were waiting outside of the school premises may see their children.

The Police Sheriff is requesting to the local citizen that please do not this prank call. For you, it is just a way to laugh but for us, it is a crime and the team has given the warning to the child and said next time you will have to be behind the bars.


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