Most of us have a habit of sleeping while turning the Lights on. Some people turn a small light on, turn their Televisions on, or even sleep in high Lights. A new study shows the relationship between artificial Light and the health of women while sleeping.

The study was conducted by the researchers of the National Institutes of Health. The study says that sleeping under artificial Light results in overweight in women. Whether its room LED, Television light, or any such source of Artificial Light, it increases the risk factor of becoming obese. The researchers found overweight, obesity and other related issues are associated with the exposure to artificial Lights while sleeping. It also shows a reverse effect of decreasing the risk of overweight, if one l=sleeps with no artificial light turned on.

The study was published online on June 10 in JAMA Internal Medicine. It is the first study to show the relationship between artificial Light and the health of women while sleeping. To conduct this study, the data of 43,722 women from Sister study was examined. The age of these women was between 36-74 years. They were asked to fill the questionnaire in which they need to tell whether they sleep with lights turned on, dim light, or no lights at all. None of these women had a history of cancer or cardiovascular disease and were not shift workers, daytime sleepers, or pregnant when the study began.

The results were calculated by observing their BMIs over a period of 5 years. The results showed that those who had a habit of sleeping under Light or with Television on were having 5 kgs or more of extra weight during after these calculations. It was said that overweight is also associated with poor sleep, and sleeping under Light doesn’t provide relaxed sleep, which in turn leads to obesity and weight gain.


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