Most of the handball matches Denmark Handball League is introduced and many fans are loving to watch the amazing matches of the league. It will be interesting to watch the entire handball match and tonight, there is another match of Denmark Handball League which is all set to introduce one of the most amazing matches.


As per the schedule time and date, team Skjern Handball (SKJ) and team Ribe-Esberg HH (REH) will play their match on the handball court tonight. Are you excited? if you are so, you can watch this match on the court after purchasing the tickets of the match. So, here are all the information available of the upcoming match.

SKJ vs REH Live Score

There are many matches left to take place in the upcoming days and supporters will also come to the place of handball matches. There is no official information that where the watchers can watch this amazing match because the match doesn’t broadcast on the TV channel and therefore, the match is available on websites from where fans can watch this amazing match.

Some of the best players of the teams will also play in this upcoming match and maybe, their performance will be better than previous matches. Here are all the details of the match.

SKJ vs REH: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Skjern Handball (SKJ) vs Ribe-Esberg HH (REH)
  • League:- Denmark Handball League 2021-22
  • Venue:- Skjern Bank Arena, Skjern
  • Date:- Thursday, November 25, 2021
  • Time:- 12:30 AM IST

SKJ vs REH: Team Squad

Skjern Handball (SKJ):- Christoffer Bonde, Lasse Mikkelsen, Emil Bergholt, Senjamin Buric, Malthe Green, Robin Paulsen Haug, Oliver Norlyk, Jesper Konradsson, Jorgen Rasmussen, Oliver Barslund, Alfred Jonsson, Eivind Tangen, Jonathan Wurtz, Rene Rasmussen, Lasse Uth, Tobias Mygind, Jakob Rasmussen, Lasse Andersen, Anton Hagvall, and Mikkel Lang Rasmussen.

Ribe-Esberg HH (REH):- Mathias Jorgensen, Jonas Larholm, Markus Howe-Madsen, Kim Sonne-Hansen, Marcus Mork, Simon Birkefeldt, William Aar, Jonatan Mollerup, Morten Jorgensen, Christoffer Langerhuus, Jonas Hald-Christensen, Anton Fredslund-Pedersen, Miha Zvizej, Sune Iversen, Jesper Lindgren, Sander Juel-Christensen, Emil Gronbech Hansen, Tobias Olsen,  Soren Rasmussen, and Torben Petersen.

SKJ vs REH: Lineups Player

Skjern Handball (SKJ):- Emil Bergholt, Senjamin Buric, Rene Rasmussen, Christoffer Bonde, Lasse Mikkelsen, Alfred Jonsson, and Eivind Tangen.

Ribe-Esberg HH (REH):- Jonas Larholm, Sune Iversen, William Aar, Soren Rasmussen, Mathias Jorgensen, Torben Petersen, and Jonatan Mollerup.

SKJ vs REH: Match Prediction 

Most of the fans also search for the prediction of the match and we are here to share this information with our readers. According to the sources, team SKJ is standing on the 5th spot with 6 victories out of 11 matches.

On the other side, team REH is standing on the 11th spot with 4 victories out of 11 matches and lost 7 matches. According to the sources and expert advice, team SKJ has more chances to win this match tonight.


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