A quite depressing news coming from Russia in which sixteen people were killed after an aircraft carrying parachutists crashed in central Russia. The incident happened on Sunday, 10th October 2021, and many people were shocked after hearing of this tragic accident.

16 killed after plane crashes in russia

The ministry said on its Telegram channel that the L-410 plane carrying 22 people crashed during a flight over the Republic of Tatarstan at around 9:23 a.m. (0623 GMT) local time. The ministry confirmed the news on Sunday and many people continuously searching to know more information about this accident.

Sixteen 16 Killed After Plane Crashes In Russia

The ministry said, “Six people were rescued, 16 were taken out without signs of life”. Before taking any confirmation, the ministry previously said that there were 15 people killed, and the aircraft holding a total of 23 people. Some images went viral on social media in which the aircraft appearing which is broken from between with a severely dented nose.

The rescue team rescued six people who has been immediately hospitalized. After the aircraft crashed, Tatarstan head Rustam Minnikhanov has reached the spot to see what is the situation appearing and how many people got injured in this incident.

Later, he issued an official statement on his website. According to Interfax, the aircraft is related to the Voluntary Society for Aiding Russia’s Army, Aviation, and Navy, which defines itself as a sports and defense organization. After that, Ravil Nurmekhametov told the TASS news agency that “We are the best, we are among the top five clubs. Cosmonauts train here”. Not only this, but he further added that the club has hosted European and World championships.

Let us also tell you that Czech-built L-410 light aircraft was one of two planes used by the clubs but both planes had met with an accident. The first plane had crashed earlier this year in which eight people has been killed in the fatal accident. Recently, another accident has come into the headlines in which six people lost their lives.

Currently, the investigation is going on and many people continuously searching to know more information related to this accident. Now, it is actually very heartbreaking to hear about the news of six people who died in an accident.


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