A piece of news is coming out from Karnataka in which it has been claimed that 6 people have died and many people have fallen ill due to consumption of contaminated water. The incident happened in Karnataka’s Vijaynagar district. Currently, many people are disturbed after hearing this tragic news from Karnataka.

six dead

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has taken perception of the issue and dictated an interrogation into the incident. The complete incident has been gone in the hands of Munish Moudgil who is appointed as the officer to investigate the entire matter.

Six Dead After Drinking Contaminated Water

When the Chief Minister reached the place where the incident happen, he announces sympathy to all the families of deceased people. The entire place has been investigated by the officers and the Chief Minister said to take the matter seriously as 6 people lost their life.

If the matter will not solve soon then more people will become the victim and maybe died of consuming contaminated water in the upcoming days as well. Already many people are affected by the water and they are fighting with the diseases and bad health that they get after drinking this water.

Now, the police officers of Makarabbi village in Karnataka’s Vijayanagar district investigating the matter very seriously because if someone has done all these then the police have to punish everyone who is involved in making water contaminated.

The reports said that 6 people have died after consuming the water but we are sure that the number is not accurate and maybe more people lost lives because of this incident. Now the matter is being investigated under the presidency of Munish Moudgil.

The Chief Minister has also announced a compensation of Rs. 3 Lakh for each family of the deceased person. Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has said “It’s saddening that people died after consuming contaminated water. This is a serious issue. The government is taking it seriously and I’ve appointed Munish Moudgil as the lead officer to investigate this case.

An inquiry has been ordered and within a week a report has to be filed”. Now, we will update all the information when we get any detail on this topic. So, stay connected with us to know more information regarding this news.


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