Here we are talking about Sirf Tum2. This serial is very famous among people. This show going well with great TRP. It is a very interesting and entertaining show. This show comes on the Colors channel on television.

Sirf Tum2

The upcoming episode starts with Ranveer going behind the man who is taking Suhani’s pictures. he went to check but the man runs away. Ranveer follows him and then he throws the sticks on the person’s leg. The man falls down and when Ranveer sees the man he gets shocked because he is Ansh, then Ranveer starts beating Ansh for trying to take pictures of Suhani.

Then Ansh tries to stop Ranveer but Ranveer keeps hitting him. Ansh shakes him and starts running. Ansh and Ranveer come into the building where the construction is going on. Ranveer tells he will not spare Ansh today. Ansh says Ranveer can beat his brother no matter how much he wants.

Mamta, Dadu, and Samaira come to Rakesh’s house and Dadu commends the decortaions.Then they all wait for Suhani. Rakesh immediately lefts the shagun thal as he lost his balance. Sudha tells Rakesh should take a rest because he is working constantly. Rakesh says he can not take a rest because it’s her daughter’s wedding. Sudha always does the same.

Mamta tells Rakesh that Suhani does not forget her old relations. she will get all the love in her in-law’s house. Dadu also tells Rakesh that should not take any tension because Suhani will be happy in Ranveer’s house.

They will not make her sad for any reason. Suhani comes to the mandap and then she asks Rakesh if he is good as he looks stressed. Then Rakesh says he is all right and Kamini tells Suhani do not worry for Rakesh anymore as she will leave the house after the wedding so Rakesh needs to live without her.

Ranveer asks Ansh how dare the back call him brother. Ansh says we have blood relations. because their father is the same. Ranveer punches him and refuses to believe that Ansh shows a picture of Ansh and Vikrant to Ranveer. He adds if Ranveer has doubt then he can ask Mamta.

Ranveer tears that picture and he tries to kill Ansh. Ranveer does not believe in Ansh. Then Asha says whatever I said is true. Ranveer gets shocked hearing that. Asha tells him that she never hid anything from Ansh but Mamta hid this matter from Ranveer in fear.


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