Here we are talking about Sirf Tum 2. This serial is very famous among people. Sirf Tum 2 going well with great TRP on television. It is very interesting and entertaining. According to the promo video, This episode starts with Suhani is waiting for Ansh. She says she did not write the assignment correctly now she will not submit her assignment on time. Ansh comes out and says to Suhani that she should get ready like a new bride. she can’t be ready as a before marriage. he fills vermilion on her hair and tells her that she should wear manglsutra too. Here we have more information related to the upcoming episode and we will share all the important information in this article. so keep reading.

Sirf Tum 2 8th March 2022 Full Written Update

Ranveer packs his accessories and tells Mamta to leave Vikrant’s house because he always cheated on her and never give priority to her. Ranveer says he will bear the price from his scholarship money. Suhani will also live with them. Mamta says this is not possible. Now Ranveer can not force Suhani because she is married. Ranveer says Suhani loves him and one day she will break all the fences to stay with him. Mamta does not believe that so Ranveer says he can prove it to her. You are on the right page for getting the right information, so keep reading.

Ansh rides his bike at a low speed and Suhani tells Ansh that he should ride the bike at speed cause she can not submit the assignment on time. Ansh stops the bike halfway and says that the bike petrol is finished. He looks at the petrol pump. Ranveer makes sits Suhani in his car then he starts driving. Suhani is shocked to see that. Ansh notices that Ansh runs behind the car Ranveer drives it in a round manner. Ansh gets tired and then he sits. Ranveer heads towards Ansh with his car to hit him and Suhani exclaims.

Ranveer stops the car and makes Ansh stand up. Ranveer puts Ansh in the car and starts driving. Ansh needs water and he asks for the water but  Ranveer throws it on his face. Ranveer says he knows that his bike has petrol and then he lied to trouble Suhani. Ranveer says Ansh I know what you do with Suhani but I will always be there for helping Suhani. In college, Ranveer and Suhani’s posters of the marriage ceremony have been decorated all over the campus then Ranveer and Suhani arrive there. Everyone give congratulation to both. Ansh says Suhani got married to him, not to Ranveer. So don’t forget to watch today’s episode of Sirf Tum 2 on Colors TV. Stay tuned for more updates


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