Here we are talking about Sirf Tum 2, This serial is very famous and popular among people. This serial is very interesting and entertaining. It is going well with great TRP, and this serial comes on the Colors TV channel on television, According to the latest promo video, this episode starts with Ranveer telling Suhani not to fire the mangalsutra. Ansh obligates suhani and then Ansh breaks the mangalsutra. He puts the mangalsutra in the fire, then Ranveer takes it out from the fire, cause of this Ranveer’s hand gets burnt. Ranveer holds out his gun on Ansh and Ansh begs him to shoot Ansh.

sirf tum 2

Ranveer says to Ansh come outside and meet him he needs to talk privately. Ansh goes with Ranveer. Ansh gives Ranveer his DNA test. He says Ranveer cares about his family he never revealed that Ansh is his big brother in front of everyone, cause of his family reputation. Ranveer says it will prove whether he is the illegitimate son of Vikrant or not. He has thought about Ansh’s respect and Ansh does not care about that. Ansh says Suhani is his better half and now Ranveer is interfering in their life, Keep reading.

He will tell the truth to everyone. Ranveer says he is not scared of the truth but Ansh should worry for his mother. He adds he will never tense, Ansh if Suhani thinks him her husband truly. He warns Ansh to not mistreat Suhani else he will fire him alive. Ranveer went to the pathology department and today he wants to know the result of DNA test. Asha makes Suhani ready for the marriage once again as a bride.

Asha gives the clothes and jewels to Suhani, Ansh says Suhani will be her daughter-in-law. Ranveer checks the DNA report and gets heartbroken seeing Vikrant is the biological father of Ansh. He says he feels abashed to call Vikrant his father.

Suhani does not allow him to closer to her. Suhani tells Ansh that no one can come to Ranveer’s place, Ansh says to Suhani that he only wants to hurt Ranveer that’s why he married Suhani, her fault is she loves his enemy so she will cry her whole life. Suhani requested to Ansh not snatch her dreams, She says she wants to pursue her medical studies. Mamta sees all the clothes and jewelry in her room which she chose for Suhani. Mamta scolds Ranveer for everything, she says he can not cover his mistake because today he disappointed her a lot, and he blast her hopes. Stay tuned for more updates.


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