Here we are back with the latest episode of Sirf Tum 2. This serial is very interesting and entertaining. This serial is very famous among people. It is going well with great TRP. This serial comes on the COLORS Tv channel on television. It is an Indian and Hindi language show.

Sirf Tum 2 2nd March 2022 Full Written Update

According to the promo video, the upcoming episode starts with John and Raghav trying to make Ranveer come in his faculties and slap him to wake up. Kamini tells that Suhani’s bidaai does not occur today then Bhai can not show his face to anyone. Here we have more information about this series so keep reading.

Sudha requests Rakesh to ask Suhani once. Rakesh tells Suhani that he is doing this to save his good wishes and moreover to improve her life. and the second thought to misjudge Ranveer to be great, and says her marriage was a game for him, and he has derision our feelings. Suhani tells Ranveer is not like and I believe him. Rakesh says he has enjoyed the benefit of Suhani’s trust. Rakesh says you are still believing him. Rakesh says that people think about marriage as a joke and inquires as to whether he will come here.

John slaps Ranveer and says Shuani is hanging tight for you in the mandap. Ranveer woke up calling Suhani and imagine her going far from him. He is still running at that point. Rakesh says that imagination is finished. He requests that she face reality. He tells Suhani your reality is more beautiful than your imagination. Suhani says, papa. Rakesh says in the event you need your dad to live with his head high. assent for this marriage. He has given his swear and asks her not to refuse. Suhani is stunned as he keeps her hand on his head.

Dadi starts crying, Asha and Riya look on. Suhani thinks my father is my superhero. Ranveer calls Suhani, Riya sees his call and thinks it appears he got awareness. He requests the driver to fast drive, Riya ends the call. Ranveer gets stunned and gets out whatever the damnation.

Suhani thinks about Ranveer’s words as she is taken by Rakesh to the mandap. Rakesh then, at that time, attaches his turban to Ansh and folds his hands. Ranveer observes his mobile turned off. Raghav asks how could you get this injury? Ranveer requests that the driver drive quickly. Stay tuned for more updates.


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