Here we are talking about Sirf Tum 2. This serial is very famous among people. This serial going very well with great TRP. The upcoming episode starts with Ranveer asking Ansh how can call him brother. Ansh says they both are brothers. They have blood relations. Their father is the same.

Sirf Tum 2 26th February 2022 Written Update

Ranveer punches Ansh and Ranveer denied believing that. Ansh shows a pic of Ansh and Vikrant to Ranveer. Asha Says if Ranveer has any doubt he can ask Mamta. Ranveer tears the photo and Ranveer tries to kill him. Here we have more information about this serial keep reading.

Asha says to Ranveer whatever Ansh said is all true. Ranveer gets stunned hearing that. Asha tells him that she did not hide anything from Ansh but Mamta hid this matter from Ranveer in fear. Asha says Vikrant never gave his name to Ansh and rejected to accept him. Ansh tells Ranveer that he always wanted the power which Ranveer got but he never got them.

Ranveer does not give value anything nevertheless getting everything. Ansh says he has always seen his mother crying face since childhood so it’s big-time he needs to give her the rights which she deserves. he tells him, he will throw Ranveer and Mamta out of the Oberoi Mansion and after that, he will take place for Asha.

Ranveer at first gets violent and Ansh says every son loves his mother and he won’t let Asha suffer anymore.Ranveer looks desolated. Asha stops Ansh from taking ahead and leaves with him. Suhani waits for Ranveer and she remembers him. he will come on muhurat.

The priest calls the groom and Asha comes. she tells Suhani’s family that Ranveer invited her only otherwise she will not have come. Rakesh welcomes her. Suhani heard a vehicle sound and she hurry to see if Ranveer come. But she finds a decorated motorcycle instead. She gets upset and Riya stops her from calling Ranveer.

Riya tells Ranveer will come back to Suhani. He can not go anywhere. Ranveer drinks alcohol and he remembered Asha’s world than he has broken the alcohol bottle and says marriage is a big lie and no one should get married as husbands cheat their wives shamelessly. He says Mamta’s worst decision was marrying Vikrant. Ranveer says Ansh can not throw out Mamta. Ansh records Ranveer’s outburst and says now he will use it to destroy Ranveer. Stay tuned for more updates.


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